New Qsmtp Version

A new version of Qsmtp (v0.17) has been released.

I made the necessary changes for the guide to fit the new installation procedures required by this upgrade.

If you have been using Qsmtp v0.16 or prior you should upgrade. Here is the bugfixes:

-IPv6 address or net matching (everything around addipbl, relayhosts6 and the 
like) was completely broken
-data corruption in Qremote, part 1: if a line began with more than one dot 
this was overquoted (in case of a line beginning with a dot this one dot 
should be duplicated. In fact every directly following dot was duplicated, 
-data corruption in Qremote, part 2: if a mail containing 8 bit characters 
needed to be recoded as the next mail server would not accept this the 
Content-Transfer-Encoding of all following mime parts was overwritten. Usual 
effect was: send an email with text that contains 8 bit characters and an 
attachment. The text would reach the recipient without problems but the 
attachment can't be opened.