Superscript.com site is not working for unknown reasons and it's making us impossible to install UCSPI-SSL. For that reason I've uploaded the tarball to my site so that you can still run the installation.

New Qsmtpd Version and SPF Support

Hi guys just wanted to let you know a new version of Qsmtpd has been released (v0.19), so I updated the guide and also that I included a new section for SPF.

This guide includes SPF checks with spamassassin and I posted a guide to know how to configure it for your domain so you get lower spam rates.

I also wanted to tell you that I'm wrapping up a FreeBSD installation guide. It will work for any *ix environment as it only uses tars.

Security Update

Hi Folks,

                I just made an upgrade for webmail and squirrelmail which now allows secure HTTP with Apache. I tested it and it's quite good.

               Best Regards!!

IPv6 Support & Relaying

Hi, I'm glad to announce we're now fully IPv6 enabled. This means every piece of software on this guide is IPv6 enabled.

The developer of Qsmtp added the capability for addipbl to work with IPv6.

I added the HOWTO to the relay part of the guide, with instructions on how to set everything up.

I also updated the Dovecot part to enable IPv6. I found it wasn't ready before.

Just a quick tip: if you're having trouble with tcprules try:

rm /usr/local/bin/tcprules


This guide was first started by Francisco De Zuviría Allende, who was a coworker of mine at Innova|Red  (Argentina's NREN, and also the hosters for this site). When he resigned, I (Guido) got in charge of mail servers, and eventually continued his work on this guide. It was first intended for Debian Lenny, but I thought we could move tu Ubuntu Server Lucid Lynx 10.04 and use newer software. Feel free to use our forums and post any comment!sources

This guide is based  on qmailrocks, but we mixed many sources:

  • John Simpson's Site
  • Life with Qmail
  • The Qsmtp Site & FAQ and It's author's comments
  • Qmail Toaster's Site


         this guide is oriented to a 500-1500 user, stable mail system with 20 - domains, but can be enhanced to support more. It is both IPv4, IPv6 enabled.

It supports:

  • CRAM-MD5 (POP3 & IMAP)

planchas baratas

Welcome to, basically, QmailRocks 2!!

We are proud to be now the newest Qmail guide on the internet.

We are going to do our first approach using the Ubuntu Server 10.04 platform, but later we may expand to others.

If you are a web designer, qmail administrator or you feel like you can contribute, you can email me to yo@guidito.com.ar and I'll answer as soon as I can.

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