I think this topic has been explained a lot of times.

This page explains everything there is to know: http://www.palomine.net/qmail/relaying.html

Now, what we are going to use is:


You should run

addipbl /var/qmail/control/relayclients X.X.X.X

#where X.X.X.X is the relay client IP address

On this file you MUST have the domains you are accepting mail for and also the ones for which you'll send email.


This file should have line/s following this format:

domain.com:mail.domain.com (using mail server hostname)
email.com:     (using mail server IP address) 
.domain.com:mail.domain.com (route all subdomains of domain.com)
:mail.domain.com (route everything through mail.domain.com)
#domain.com:mail.domain.com username pass      (SMTP AUTH for smtproutes is not yet implemented
# in Qremote, we'll tell you as soon as it is, so if you want this function you should skip the qsmtp part,
# or just not install qremote)
# If the remote server is not using STARTTLS you may need to add a "-" (minus) before the username
# It's a security measure, and the - is a bypass.
# If you pretend to use IPv6 relaying you have to get the SVN version of addipbl so...

cd /usr/src wget http://opensource.sf-tec.de/repos/Qsmtp/trunk/tools/addipbl.c gcc -o addipbl addipbl.c mv addipbl /usr/local/bin/addipbl #And then you run (replacing...) addipbl /var/qmail/control/relayclients6 AAAA:BBBB::C